Baby Clinic Consent

Important notice for new parents:
Congratulations on the birth of your new baby! From the age of two months, your baby will be due to receive very important immunisations. You will receive an invite through the post from Child Health, asking you to make an appointment at the surgery for the baby to receive the vaccinations.

Please note that we will require parental consent at each visit for the vaccinations due that day. In order to protect our patients and our staff please be aware that it is our Practice policy not to vaccinate children for whom we have not received parental consent. If another family member will be bringing your baby for the appointment, we may need to contact you via telephone at the time of the visit to confirm consent has been given. Alternatively, you can choose to send a signed & dated note authorising for the vaccinations to be given in your absence.

Please accept our apologies if this policy causes any inconvenience for you.