Going on Holiday?

Please give us at least 8 weeks notice for vaccinations.

As the needs of Cornerstone Practice expand and to meet the increasing demand for appointments we have had to revise the service we offer in regards to vaccines for travel.

Therefore we will now only be able to offer certain vaccines under NHS provision.  Our list of eligible vaccines is currently under review.

If you think you will need vaccines or are unsure of your current vaccine status please fill in your Name, Date of Birth & Country/Countries visiting using the attached form here.

For more complex travel we strongly advise you consult your nearest Travel Clinic.

(Please note, all completed forms will need to be returned to the branch surgery in which you are registered, and up to take 4 weeks to process)

Travellers to Hajj / Umrah

Vaccination Advice

The Saudi Ministry of Health requires all visitors travelling to Hajj / Umrah to have Meningococcal vaccination and recent Flu vaccine (and possibly swine flu) and a certificate of proof. The certificate states that the vaccine should be issued no less than 10 days prior to travel, and not more than 3years old. Please note that it take up to 6 weeks before the vaccines to becomes effective.

Therefore if an appointment is requested within 6 weeks of travel, the surgery will not be able to provide your vaccine, and would recommend you contact the travel clinics above.

Other Health

Don’t forget to notify any changes of your health to your holiday insurance prior to your travel. Medical help is available if you become ill on your pilgrimage. However you may want to consider the following prior to your trip;

Men needing to shave their head during the pilgrimage- The Saudi authorities provide licensed barbers which conform to legal standards. Using an unlicensed barber there is a high risk of contracting Hepatitis B. Do not share any previously used razor /blade. It is advisable to take you own razors with you.

The Hajj Cough

A viral cough can be experienced by many pilgrims to the Hajj which can be mild to a severe illness. Simple precautions to take include use of tissues to cover mouth and nose, safe disposal of this, and simple hand washing will help to reduce this infection. As the seasonal flu jab may not protect you from every viral strain.


Daytime temperatures may reach up to 30c, therefore ensure to take with you adequate bottled water, sun screen (factor 15-30) an umbrella for shade, anti-diarrhoeal medication. Quality footwear to protect from heat and to use for walking great distances, pilgrims are advised to carry footwear in a bag to prevent loss during prayer times.

Malaria Protection

Malaria is not present in Medina or Makkah, but Pilgrims planning to travel further or to the south western region of Saudi Arabia should consult their travel clinic nurse/ GP.