Patient Feedback – The Friends and Family Test

We encourage all service users to tell us about the service they have received from us.  This is called the Friends and Family Test.  You can send us your feedback here:

We share your feedback with our teams each month and have quarterly reviews so we can see what’s working well and where we can improve.

Latest results
Below are the percentage of responders who rated our services as good or very good during July, August and September 2023:


Shadsworth Surgery 90%

Lambeth Street Surgery 90.5%

Rhyddings Surgery 95.4%

Bentham Road Health Centre 93.3%


Shadsworth Surgery 90.3%

Lambeth Street Surgery 89.10%

Rhyddings Surgery 94.9%

Bentham Road Health Centre 96%


Shadsworth Surgery 92.8%

Lambeth Street Surgery 89.9%

Rhyddings Surgery 96.1%

Bentham Road Health Centre 91.1%