Change to some nursing services May 2024

From Monday 20th May we will no longer be able to undertake treatment room type services requested by other providers (e.g. hospitals and community services) such as blood tests and ECGs.  These are provided at Barbara Castle Way Health Centre and Darwen Health Centre. 

You can find their most up to date information here Treatment Room Services :: Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust ( 

Their services include: 

Blood tests (Routine and Urgent) 

ECGs (Routine and Urgent) 

24- Hour BP monitoring 

Wound assessment and management 

Ear irrigation and micro-suction 

Leg ulcer and vascular service 

Non-serious injuries 

Paediatric blood tests 

Appointments are made by calling 01254 283 000. 

Opening times 08:50 to 17:20. 

Prescription saving schemes

A Prescription Prepayment Certificate could save you money if you pay for more than three items in three months, or 11 items in 12 months. People on a low income could be entitled to help with costs or free prescriptions through the low-income scheme, depending on their circumstances.

Learn more about Pre-Payment Certificates here:

Check if you’re eligible for help here:

CAP Benefits calculator 

  Do you find yourself needing extra help this summer? The CAP (Christians Against Poverty)  has designed a free tool available for anyone on their website to help people find out if they are missing out on unclaimed benefits.

With the cost of living increasing rapidly, it’s important now more than ever to check what you’re entitled to. Whether you’re already receiving benefits, you’re not sure if you’re eligible for any, or you’ve previously not been eligible for any it’s worth using the Turn2us benefits calculator to double check. You could be missing out on important financial support that could impact you and your household.

It’s confidential, free to use and takes less than 10 minutes. 

In the 6 months after it was launched, over 60,000 people had used it, uncovering more than £32.5 million in extra unclaimed entitlement.  

You can click here for more information:

Getting the right support for your child

Is your child ill and you’re unsure of what to do? The NHS has created this very useful guide. It explains the different NHS services and when it’s right to access each of them. It also gives some really handy self-care guidance for minor illnesses – good to have on hand when your little one is unwell.

We have updated our phone numbers

E.U. Covid-19 Vaccine Certificates

AstraZeneca vaccines– Covishield

The Government has confirmed that no Covishield vaccines have been administered in the UK and that all AstraZeneca vaccines given in the UK appear on the NHS COVID Pass as Vaxzevria. The NHS COVID Pass is the digital version of individuals’ proof of COVID-19 vaccine status, which has been available for international travel since May. The European Medicines Agency has authorised this vaccine and the Government is confident that travel will not be affected. The EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate is currently for EU citizens only, or third country nationals legally staying or resident in the EU.

We have been receiving some phone calls regarding the new E.U. Covid-19 vaccine passports for travel.
Please find the below links for the information.

Thank you

Information about the covid vaccine: For people with a learning disability and autism.

Information about the covid vaccine: For people with a learning disability and autistic people – YouTube . This is a short film which talks about coronavirus and the coronavirus vaccine. It describes what a vaccine is and how you might feel when you have the vaccine and how important it is to have the vaccine.

Cervical Screening Saves Lives

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Patient Notice